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Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

Advanced Intelligent Fire Detection Systems

From a basic conventional Fire Detection and Alarm System for the residential market to our sophisticated SIL-2/3 Fire & Gas Control Systems for the Oil & Gas industry, Agema Pte Ltd has the enviable reputation for supplying state-of-the-art technology leading Fire Detection and Alarm solutions throughout South-East Asia. Our Fire Detection and Alarm Systems offer reliable, early detection of all types of fires, coupled to superb false alarm management.

We recognise that fire knows no boundaries and it can attack where and when least expected. This is why we are fully committed to providing our clients with the right technology to detect and alert them about a fire threat at the earliest stages, allowing more time to evacuate, to respond and to extinguish fires before they have time to develop into large ones that could threaten lives, properties and business continuity.

As specialist fire engineers, we will assess the risks and hazards surrounding your building before we recommend any of our solutions or services. Our Fire Detection & Alarm solutions fully comply with the highest International Standards of Approval, FM/UL, EN54 Standards, PSB TUV.