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SIEX Fire Suppression System


INERT-SIEX™ clean agent systems are made up of gases found in the atmosphere, and so are completely environmentally friendly. They work by totally flooding the room, reducing the oxygen necessary for combustion, but ensuring adequate oxygen concentrations for use in occupied areas.

They can work at pressures of up to 300 bar, with the associated savings in installation cost. We also have 200 bar systems, depending on the volume / concentration needs. Thanks to the use of calibrated restrictors which reduce the pressure, standard weight piping can be used. This equipment is specially designed for installations with long pipe runs.

SIEX-HC™ 227

SIEX-HC™ 227 is known for its versatility in protecting the widest range of hazards and for its combination of efficiency, safety and low cost. It works by total flooding, with a very rapid discharge in less than 10 seconds. It is suitable for use in occupied areas because its extinguishing method does not reduce oxygen.

Its effectiveness in such a range of circumstances is due to the extinguishing agent used, DuPont FM-200®, which is suitable for flammable liquids, combustible solids and electrical hazards. The combination of the components of the kit enables the most reliable and cost-effective protection.

This system is pressurized with dry nitrogen, providing different pressures depending on the requirements of the hazard. SIEX-HC™ 227 systems operate at 25 bar and 42 bar. The different working pressures adapt to variations in the installation properties, thus covering many different hazards with the highest performance quality.