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Automatic Flowswitch Tester


ZoneCheck provides a true and accurate test of the flow switch and compared with a traditional test solenoid/drain arrangement saves up to 300 litres of water per test (dependant on flow switch retard setting). The ZoneCheck pump has a flow control orifice which accurately represents just one sprinkler head in operation, irrespective of current system pressure, which is the only true way to test the effective operation of a flow switch with one sprinkler head operating.

As no water is discharged from the system, the system pressure remains unchanged, therefore no fire pumps operate and there is no need to perform pressure switch/brigade isolations or recharge the system before during or after the tests. This makes testing a much simpler process than any other method so tests can easily be performedon a more regular basis with no system interruption while ensuring correct system operation at all times.

ZoneCheck is simple and easy to install and comes as a complete pressure tested unit with pump, flow switch, and pipe with rolled groove ends for ease of installation. Retrofit and LiveTap versions are also available for existing installations

They can work at pressures of up to 300 bar, with the associated savings in installation cost. We also have 200 bar systems, depending on the volume / concentration needs. Thanks to the use of calibrated restrictors which reduce the pressure, standard weight piping can be used. This equipment is specially designed for installations with long pipe runs.


Livetap® is a unique and innovative way to make modifications and extensions to ‘Live’ sprinkler systems without the need to drain down, making it the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to make modifications while complying with all Fire Sprinkler System Codes.

The concept of under pressure drilling has been around for a while, and services (such as water and gas) that employ this method, were able to incorporate isolating valves in their service pipelines. However Fire Sprinkler System Code Standards do not allow the installation of isolating valves in the system.

The Livetap® drilling system and associated products have been developed to fully overcome this restriction and provide a unique solution for making modifications to ‘live’ systems. This means that fire protection is maintained at all times, even when refurbishment work is being undertaken, involving modifications to the sprinkler system. Consequently there is no need to advise Fire Authorities or close the building while work is in progress.

Zonecheck Addressable